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Hundred Acre Wood
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Hundred Acre Wood
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Hundred Acre Wood
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Hundred Acre Wood
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In which you use Google Maps and Street View to explore the world of Winnie the Pooh and friends. There are games, activities, recipes and ideas for things to do in your neighbourhood.
Today is an adventuring sort of day!

Out and about come rain or shine there’s
lots to explore in the Hundred Acre Wood
and beyond. Picnics are a favourite thing
when the sun is shining, or even a spot of
afternoon tea can be extra sweet when
shared with a little friend.

“If there ever comes a day when we can't
be together, keep me in your heart and
I’ll stay there forever.”

Precious 'firsts' need holding dear, take some
time out to celebrate those special moments
that will last a lifetime.

“How far can you jump, Pooh?” asked Tigger.
“As far as I can, it seems” answered Pooh,
after some thought.
“That’s as far as Tiggers can jump, too!”
said Tigger, with a pleasant surprise.

And they set off together with the rest
of their friends for a day of exploring,
running, bouncing and adventuring in
everyone’s favourite playground,
the Hundred Acre Wood.

“Sometimes the smallest thing takes up the
most room in your heart”

Being a new mum there never seems enough
time to sleep or to get anything much done at
all. Planning the day can whip even the
coolest Kanga into a frenzy. Dip into the
Hangout whenever you need a sweet little
smile or trusty tip.

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon”

Sometimes moments seem a little more down
than up, where you can do with a bit of cheer
and a spring in your step. Remember: ‘You
are braver than you believe, stronger than you
seem and smarter than you think’

It is more fun to talk with someone
who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like,
“What about lunch?”

Learning is more fun than ever when in the
setting of the Hundred Acre Wood. Whether
your little one is wise like owl, shy like Piglet
or hungry like Pooh: big things start small.

When you live in the Hundred Acre Wood, there’s no need for a clock or a calendar to tell time. The sun-or, in Pooh’s case, one’s tummy-tells you all you need to know about the next thing to do.

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh, or Pooh for short, is a small, golden bear of a pleasing manner but very little brain. This chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff lives in a hollowed out tree in the Hundred Acre Wood amongst all of his favourite friends.

He spends his days playing poohsticks and enjoying adventures with Piglet or Christopher Robin, but such outings almost always involve a search for ‘hunny’ to satisfy the rumblee in Pooh’s Tumblee.

Meet the Characters


Tigger,is the bounciest of all in the Hundred Acre Wood and when in a bouncing mood, loves nothing more than bounding about on his super springy tail, because that’s what Tiggers do best.

Filled to the brim with vim and vigour, Tigger loves to be outdoors, bouncing, climbing trees and spending time with his best friend and bouncing buddy, Roo. After a long day of fun in the Hundred Acre Wood, Tigger can always make his way home, for Tiggers never get lost.

Meet the Characters


The Wood’s best reader and speller is Rabbit. Like Owl, he prides himself on having a brain where others have fluff.

Rabbit uses his knowledge and practical, diligent nature to be the organizer of the Hundred Acre Wood, and with so many relatives, he’s rather good at it most of the time.

Meet the Characters


Owl is the wisest in the Hundred Acre Wood. He is often called upon by his friends for advice – of which he is always more than happy to give.

A contemplative character, Owl likes to read and engage in intellectual pursuits but above all, he is a lover of long words and even longer anecdotes!

Meet the Characters


Nurturing and motherly, Kanga takes good care of her little joey, Roo, though she is just as kind and caring towards all of her friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. She is always happy to give motherly advice and care to those who need it.

Kanga likes to start the day with a wholesome breakfast of porridge – her favourite food – ready for an adventure filled day of taking care of little Roo who can prove to be a handful
from time to time!

Meet the Characters


Roo is a curious and playful little one always looking for the next adventure, playing poohsticks or bouncing with Tigger.

Always cheerful and often excitable, Roo loves to discover the world around him and explore the Hundred Acre Wood. Though he sometimes falls into mischief on such adventures due to his fearlessness, Roo learns a lot from his fun-filled days.

Meet the Characters


An old, grey donkey lives in a simple home made of sticks and twigs within the Hundred Acre Wood. This often rather gloomy fellow goes by the name of Eeyore.

Eeyore is a somewhat solitary donkey who enjoys spending quiet time alone to mull over his thoughts and contemplate all of the things around him. But as much as Eeyore enjoys the peace and quiet of his home in the Hundred Acre Wood, he always appreciates the kindness of his friends.

Meet the Characters


Though easily flustered, tiny of frame and timid of nature, Piglet is often capable of great courage.

A nervous and shy little character and the best friend of Pooh, Piglet is braver than he thinks and smarter than he knows. He never backs down from a challenge and follows his friends on great adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood, finding fearsome creatures far bigger than himself.

Meet the Characters